Don’t forget to Vote

Election day is important and your voice matters.  

We encourage all of our past, current, and future clients to vote in elections, as the judges, state senators, and state representatives will make decisions that may impact your daily life.  Judges need votes too, and many have been campaigning along with the other candidates to get your vote.  However unlike other candidates, Judges in Judicial races do not run with their party affiliation.  If you attempt to vote straight ticket you must then complete the Judicial section of your ballot.

To learn more about the different candidates and what they stand for take a look at the non-partisan voter education site.

Vote 411

Do you have questions?  My office would be happy to talk to you about it and give our recommendations about Judicial candidates.  Call us at 859-359-6370.  But most importantly, make sure to show up and VOTE!