Balancing Faith and Divorce


Divorce is hard, we can help.  Central Kentucky divorce attorneys can help explain the legal aspects of divorce which will then allow our clients to focus on building a new life. Balancing your faith and divorce in Kentucky can be a challenge.  We work hard advocate ethically for our clients, and respect the role that faith has played in your life.  When Christians in Central Kentucky seek a divorce typically they have exhausted all other options.  Our goal is to provide the support you need and the legal advice necessary to give you peace of mind.  Family law is deeply personal and we hope to provide solid legal advice with individualized care.

If you are interested to learn more, Angela M Brown recently wrote on the topic and is featured on Muddling Through Together.  You can find a link to the post below:

A Divorce Attorney Walks Into a Bar

If you or someone you know is searching for a Kentucky Christian divorce attorney, contact the A.M. Brown Law Office for your free phone consultation.  Divorce is hard, let us help.  Call 859-359-6370 and get the process started today.