Adoption in Central Kentucky: 3 Things to Know

If you are looking to grow your family through adoption read on to learn more.  Adoption can be a great way to welcome more family members and  a blessing for the adoptee.  It is important to get an attorney involved in the process as the courts must be involved to finalize the adoption.  Read below for 3 things to know about adoption in Central Kentucky.

  1. Adoption takes time

Adoption isn’t an overnight journey, it takes quite some time.  Some adoptions take less time than others, but they all move at the speed of the court system.  Different types of adoptions require more work by the court and can add to the time necessary to finalize.  This can be frustrating, but remember that you are working toward growing your family.

Adoptions from independent agencies will operate at a different speed than adoptions through the foster care system.  If you are currently fostering a child and wish to adopt them, you will still have to go though the court proceedings to legally adopt, but you won’t have to wait to have the child in your home.  To learn more about each, contact an adoption law attorney and talk about your specific situation.  Every case is different so it’s best to discuss what type of adoption is right for you and your family.

  1. Various types of adoption

When you read about adoption on the news, or see it in movies, you often see adoptions that are taking place across the globe where celebrities are adopting children from war torn countries or smaller nations.  Well you can adopt internationally with the help of an adoption agency, or you can adopt a child from Foster care right here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Adopting from foster care may translate to an older child instead of a baby, but you will still have the opportunity to add a loving member to your family.

If you are adopting within the Commonwealth and wish to adopt a child from foster care, get in touch with an adoption law attorney.  Kentucky requires certain steps are completed before you can welcome a child into your home.  With the court involved, many families find it easier

In addition to adopting through foster care, you can contact private adoption agencies which often facilitate international adoption.  Some in Kentucky select independent adoptions, where the birth mother or placing parent places the child directly with the adoptive parent.  Proper documentation and petitions must still be filed, and the Cabinet must still complete a report.  It is crucial to hire an attorney to assist with these kinds of adoptions.  Call a family law attorney today to discuss what you need to do to start the adoption process and if independent adoption is right for you.

  1. Adoption has legal significance

When you adopt a child, to the eyes of the law the second that order is signed that child is yours.  An adopted child is treated the same as if he or she was a natural born child when it comes to probating a will and inheriting property.  The legal rights of the biological parents are cut off and now the adopted parents basically step in to the legal responsibilities of the biological parents.

This can be a challenge for those who depend on child support from a former spouse.  If you divorce, remarry, and intend for your new spouse to adopt your child then you are no longer eligible to receive child support from the spouse who had parental rights terminated.  This all sounds complicated, and that’s because it is.  Contact a Central Kentucky Adoption attorney to learn more about the steps to take to get started with adoptions in the state.

Although the process may be long, welcoming a child into your family is well worth the effort.  Contact an adoption attorney today to discuss what first steps you will need to take in your adoption journey.  The A.M. Brown Law Office in Lexington, KY is dedicated to helping individuals and families in the Commonwealth.  Serving central Kentucky, including Anderson, Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Franklin, Harrison, Jessamine, Scott, and Woodford counties.  Contact us today online, or call us at 859-359-6370 for a free phone consultation.