Custom fit family law for your specific needs.

We strive to help our clients.  Family law attorneys and Elder law attorneys have a unique chance to  connect with each client and provide a personal approach to legal representation.  Divorce is personal, we can help.  We provide caring and compassionate legal services as our legal focus hits so close to home.  Family law and elder law are as close to home as it gets, and our attorneys recognize that each family addresses these challenges in a different way.  Our goal is to create a custom solution that works for your family and build a lasting relationship with you and your loved ones.



The A.M. Brown Law Office has participated in the following Pro Bono events:

Wills Clinic for Lexington Fire Department

The A.M. Brown Law Office has participated in the following Community events, volunteering her time to assist as either a Judge or Scorekeeper for High School and College Moot Court Competitions:

2017 YMCA Youth Association Moot Court Competition
2018 Colonel Classic Mock Trial Invitational



At the A.M. Brown Law Office, we understand that each family can present different challenges, and that’s okay.  We celebrate different types of families and will work within the law to advocate for you and your rights.  As such, there is no one size fits all approach for the practice of family law, or elder law.  Each situation is different and in an effort to better serve our clients we will try to gather as much information before providing an informed, compassionate, and honest recommendation to our clients.

Additionally, as an elder law attorney in Kentucky, Ms. Brown understands the sensitive nature of planning for your future.  Planning conversations are difficulty to have, especially with those of the Greatest Generation.  Rather than wrestle with the future, those at the A.M. Brown Law Office approach planning for long term care with compassion.  We provide dependable and compassionate assistance in your legal matters.

Angela M. Brown

Founder A.M. Brown Law Office

Ms. Brown started her practice to reach all walks of life.  She believes that all people deserve good representation and access to the court system. Although she graduated of The Ohio State University, and Capital University Law School in Columbus Ohio, Ms. Brown has made her home here in the Commonwealth and is committed to her local community.  She has worked in Federal, State, and local government offices and has a deep understanding of the time and commitment it takes to address the needs of her clients.

Ms. Brown believes in giving back to her community.  She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and has served in various volunteer roles for this international organization.  In the past she has served as the President of the Lexington, KY Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association, President of the Columbus, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association and the Finance Adviser for the Ohio State Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Currently Ms Brown serves as a co-chair of the Young Adult League of Lexington at her local Greek Orthodox Church, where she also sings in the Church choir.

Ms. Brown Founded the A.M. Brown Law Office to support families in Central Kentucky.  As a Central Kentucky family law attorney, she is able to represent her client in family court, civil court, and domestic violence court.  As an Elder Law Attorney, she welcomes the opportunity to draft planning documents for her clients.  In her spare time she explores local coffee shops and encourages small businesses in Lexington, KY and the surrounding counties.

Located in Lexington, KY Ms. Brown represents those in Central Kentucky in the areas of Family Law, Collections matters, and Elder Law.  She welcomes the opportunity to serve those in Anderson, Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Franklin, Harrison, Jessamine, Scott, and Woodford Counties.

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