4 Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney in Lexington, KY

Divorce is never easy, and couples often live together longer than they need to and spend more time fighting than necessary because it’s difficult to find a divorce attorney that understands your specific situation.  From scheduling conflicts to and understanding of your timeline, picking the right divorce attorney in Lexington, KY can be a challenge.  Take a look at 4 common tips to finding the right attorney for you.

Conveniently Located

Often times it’s difficult to get the time away from work or your family to even speak to an attorney.  You need to find an attorney located in your general area or at least has office hours that will fit your schedule.  Working with anyone is difficult, especially when you are unable to meet or discuss any matters due to an inconvenient location.

The A.M. Brown Law Office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Lexington, KY. Walking distance to the courthouse and the Main Library and easily accessible from public transportation. Additionally, the A.M. Brown Law Office offers convenient free phone consultations.  You can contact the firm by phone or using this contact form to schedule your free phone consultation.

Open Communication

The key to any good relationship is open communication, that includes the attorney client relationship you build when going through a divorce.  Divorce is personal, and it can be challenging to open up to an attorney who won’t communicate the steps of your case.

Central Kentucky families expect a certain level of communication from family law attorneys, including phone calls or emails highlighting changes in the case, communication regarding court dates, and an itemized client letter to outline the work done by the attorney.  At the A. M Brown Law Office, we strive to keep our clients informed of the matters that will affect them.

Hire a Problem Solver

You need a problem solver, an attorney that can think on his or her feet to advocate for your rights in court.When you work with an attorney with a variety of experience, you can be sure that family law attorney is drawing from a variety of sources to tackle problems that may arise.   With flexibility and an ability to work inside the current laws and regulations, an problem solving family law attorney is key to advocating fiercly for your rights in court.

The A.M. Brown Law Office offers a wide range of experience, as Ms. Brown has worked in the public and private sector.  People are complicated, and there are many factors to examine when begining divorce proceedings.  With a problem solver on your side, you will be prepared for the matter at hand.


Availability relates to the face to face time in addition to the availability to appear in and out of county at various court proceedings.   This is especially important in a family law setting, as the cases are very personal and have a specific set of facts.  Before hiring an attorney, you want to be sure a family law attorney will be available to assist you on your personal matter.

Attorneys in big firms often don’t set their own hours.  In a smaller firm or a solo setting, you will find that attorneys are more flexible and able to meet with you during a wider variety of hours.  Remember attorneys are people too, and will set reasonable boundaries.  Often the smaller or solo firms will allow for the greatest flexibility and will let clients know how far outside of the standard 9-5 they are willing to work.

Finally, divorce is no easy feat, and many who file will be going through the court system for quite some time.  Find someone you feel comfortable with and that you trust to guide you through the process of divorce in Lexington, KY.

For a free phone consultation with a Central Kentucky divorce attorney, call 859-359-6370.  You will have the opportunity to discuss aspects of your case with a licensed attorney.  Feel free to contact us using the online form for additional information.